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State of NPUK - March 2020

Written by StreetPass UK

NPUK Island Paradise Update POSTPONED

It is with incredible reluctance that we have to update you that The NPUK Island Paradise events that were due to begin on March 20th 2020, have been postponed due to Covid-19.

We know many of you were very excited to take part in our unique events related to Animal Crossing Events. Nintendo Players UK and the independent groups have always strived to build communities offline so that we can play games together as Nintendo fans. However, with mass gathering being banned, related businesses who have supported our events being wary of the ongoing epidemic and most importantly to be considerate to our members who could be more compromised by the Virus. The volunteers have come to the decision to reschedule the Island Paradise for later this year. Please keep a lookout on our socials for more details soon.


Community Calendar Event

We have already announced some events via our community calendar and will be updating you shortly. Some events for smaller groups may still go ahead and should have plenty of precautions in place with extra cleaning equipment and hand sanitizers available; but please be aware that admin/volunteers will be doing this completely at their own risk, and you are also attending at your own risk too. We do not want to cancel events or competitions if we can help, however circumstances are changing every day, so please make sure to check in with your community regularly in case of postponed/cancelled events. 

Due to the current situation, we must reconsider our events schedule and if you know or are in contact with older or vulnerable people you will need to be extra careful and vigilant. If you have a persistent/dry cough or a fever, please do NOT put others at risk by attending events. 


Isolated but we are still Playing! 

While some may be stuck in isolation we are not alone. The ethos of the NPUK community is to bring gamers together, anytime, anywhere with anyone and no virus is going to prevent us from doing that! So we hope to see more players pop up on our discord server to take part in our Online featured games. Whether it's to play in online multiplayers or just join in a good chin wag, we will be setting up some weekly games where we can play as a community. This will be promoted through our socials in the near future  but don't forget you have your local communities will have their discord nights too!

Discord: https://discord.gg/p77gGNC