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National Volunteers Week 2020 - Helen - Nintendo Foyle

Written by StreetPass UK

Last week it was VOLUNTEERS WEEK! As 100% of Nintendo Players UK is run by volunteers, it'd be a shame if we didn't spotlight what made NPUK, well...NPUK! So we'll be posting some articles written by the admins sharing their life and times running an NPUK Group! First up we have Helen Doherty of Nintendo Foyle! 

Helen Doherty - Nintendo Foyle

I've been running Nintendo community events since 2014. I started off in the UK's capital, running StreetPassUK London with my friend Max. In 2016 I hosted StreetPassUK (what Nintendo Players UK was formerly known as)'s first ever meetup in the Republic of Ireland under the banner StreetPass Donegal. I currently run the Nintendo Foyle in Derry/Londonderry, which was brought into the present by a former admin, Ronnie.

As you can imagine I've run countless events in my time. I'm going to talk about the two I consider my greatest event hosting achievements to date. In January 2016 I ran an event in Central London which was attended by over 60 attendees. This activity-packed event included a table ran by Square Enix to promote their current release at the time : Final Fantasy Explorers. Indie developers Lightwood Games were also there, showing off a range of their titles. Staff from Capcom and Bandai Nanco came along to check out the scene.

I managed to secure support from StreetPass Basingstoke, StreetPass Reading, StreetPass Southend, NSG and the Monster Hunter Community UK. It was a huge group effort and well worth it as the guests absolutely loved it.

The second event I'm most proud was the first event in Ireland I hosted. I made all the arrangements from England, securing coverage on prestigious local platforms Highland Radio and the Derry Journal (I even did a radio interview from my flat in Central London. Which blew my mind!). Helped by the StreetPass Southend staff ; we hosted a raffle, a Super Mario Maker race, a Mario Kart 8 tournament, plus a Monster Hunter contest. Capcom, Yelp and NintendoUK provided us with loads of goodies to take to Ireland with us. The day was a great success, and helped inspire more Nintendo community activity in the area.

 Ireland's First StreetPassUK Event!

During this current Covid 19 pandemic I have, frequently, felt quite down. However; I've been keeping myself busy at least some of the time by organising and hosting online 'virtual meetups' for Nintendo Foyle. Given my current circumstances my mental health has been suffering, and both of these things have meant I've struggled to achieve much at all these past few months. But when I recall how well the Nintendo Foyle meetups have gone and how much they've meant to our members I remember I have at least achieved something.

Nintendo Players UK couldn't happen if it wasn't for the volunteers. As much as my work has benefited me I like to think it has benefited my many attendees over the years just as much (and hopefully more). I can't recommend getting involved enough.


Hope to see you at an event soon!