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Black Lives Mattter

Written by Faz_D


My name is Fayyaz, I am the current Social Media Manager at Nintendo Players UK.
This week we were supposed to do a spotlight for National Volunteers week, but I'd feel disingenuous if we didn't speak about current events first.

2020 Has been a rough year and it seems to be getting worse. Since the start of the lockdown, NPUK Communities (like other Nintendo related communities) have used their platforms as a form of escapism
by holding fun events for communities & to have some semblance of social awareness, whether it's through NPUK Online events; the tournaments & individual community Discord sessions. The communities are made up of players from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. Normally our groups would avoid controversial topics & politics to keep a more family friendly environment, however people within the community are concerned due to recent event highlighting a moral matter related to basic human rights. Furthermore as stated, everyone who is a part of NPUK are volunteers. Before writing and committing to this post we were struggling whether it'd be right to post on our platforms about this. Nobody demanded this from us. It wasn't requested and it may not even be read. However, it's because we have a platform and place for us to speak that we do indeed talk about this as a community and as a whole.

A tragic death occurred in America of a black man named George Floyd, due to bias and oppression. It was senseless, violent and worst of all preventable. The Black community accross the world have been suffering from systematic racism and prejudice which is something that needs to change. Minorities of any shade, have suffered similarly during Covid 19, when anyone of oriental decent would be assumed to be a carrier and myself being Brown assumed to be a terrorist. Sticks and Stones is one thing but Microagressions like this build up. While it is easy to say "not all", it's harder for anybody to speak up for others. None have had this pushed harder upon them more than the Black Community.

If both Nintendo of America and The Pokémon Company can speak out about this, why shouldn't we?

We stand in solidarity with the black employees, fans, families and community members who continue to be impacted by this. We believe that Black Lives Matter. If you are against this please leave.

You can help those affected through signing petitions, donating or sending letters to your local MP. We have provided a link here to help
get you educated and up to date with what is happening. Though it links to the US resources we'll update for those in the UK.

If you feel something needs to be added, please let us know on our socials.

Here are other ways to help:
1. Go check on your friends impacted by this.
2. Show your support and make your voice heard. (whether it's socials or in person)
3. Educate, tell others and learn how you can help other parts of the community. The link above has resources to help you.
4. Take care of your mental health, understandably this is an intense period.

This is a chaotic time whether you attend gatherings or not please don't forget to keep safe. Take a break from social media if you have to, take care of each other. There will be plenty of time to play.

Thank you to Nintendo and Pokémon companies that gave us the courage to speak.